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Enabling communities to Live a more Fulfilling Life!

We combine dedicated volunteers with proven solutions to provide a better community experience so everyone can live a more fulfilling life.

Serving the world

Volunteer with us to make an impact.

A Thoughtful organisation

When we ask our volunteers why they chose us, we hear things like great culture, great opportunities, and of course people. Many say they saw an opportunity to flex their creative muscles and build something. We’re all healers.

We support causes important for community welfare We elevate our partners. We empower each other.

Building stronger community

  • Voice of planet founded

    Aug 2019

  • Launched first project census campaign

    Oct 2019

  • Announced first art contest citywide

    Mar 2020

  • Launched covid relief program US & India

    Apr 2020

  • Launched the pre-school campaign for underprivileged children

    Sep 2020

  • Launched the senior wellness

    Jan 2021

  • Launched the heritage campaign

    Feb 2021

  • Launched gender equality campaign

    Apr 2021

  • Announced the first multi-cultural art exhibition

    Aug 2021

  • Invited to deliver keynote speech at The Urban Economic Forum

    March 2022


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